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“Healthy” habits that are overrated

"Здоровые" привычки, польза которых переоцененаHabits which aren’t actually useful.

Have rituals or habits that we do because we know that “it’s useful” and not even think about whether it brings any benefit.

In the infographic you will find 7 daily habits that we believe are useful, but in fact it is not. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Rejection of the microwave
When you warm up food in a microwave oven can actually lose some useful properties, but the same thing happens when heating on the stove or in the oven.

Detox diet
In recent years, these diets at the peak of popularity. People who adhere to a healthy lifestyle, practicing detox diet that will save us from toxins. However, nutritionists say that a healthy body can cope with this without dieting. If you really have a problem with that, you should go to the doctor and not to resort to certain diets.

"Здоровые" привычки, польза которых переоценена

The rejection MSG
It is proved that headache and nausea (what’s the charge against this component) can occur only when to eat at least 3 grams of this substance in its pure form. In practice this is unlikely.

In addition, products, which often add monosodium glutamate, and without it not very useful. Therefore, not only from glutamate will affect the situation a little.

Multivitamins and supplements
Numerous studies have shown that multivitamins and supplements have almost no effect on the human body, and work as a placebo.

Moreover, the results of other studies showed that intake of multivitamins may have a negative impact on health.

Organic products
In Ukraine there are no requirements on organic products and rules of its certification. Therefore, buying products labeled “eco” or “bio” you just overpaid for this marketing ploy.

Antibacterial gels that do not contain alcohol
Antibacterial gels that contain at least 60% alcohol, a good fight with many types of viruses and bacteria. All the others that have less or do not contain alcohol, are not on all microorganisms.

Low-fat food
Another popular in recent years the trend. However, we must not forget that fats as proteins or carbohydrates, are necessary for our body. So a complete failure would be harmful for us. In addition, many low-fat foods lack fat kompensiruet increase in sugar.

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