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Health nutrition: 4 healthy alternatives to sausage

Здоровье питание: 4 здоровых альтернативы колбасыSo what to replace bad sausage?

Nutritionists have long shown that the sausage from the store – the enemy of our body.

Make the sandwich delicious and healthy not using sausage. For example, to boil a piece of meat in spices and vegetables. Later it is cooled and cut into thin pieces. These sandwiches definitely charge you with energy for the whole day and will not affect the figure, because the meat is a great source of protein.

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Replace the sausage and chicken. If fillet marinated in spices and baked in the sleeve, it will come out juicy and flavorful. Just what you need for sandwiches.

If you like to fish or sausage can substitute salmon, trout or even herring. Instead of TRANS fat contained in the sausage, you will get fatty acids and phosphorus, that’s a lot of fish.

Much healthier for Breakfast will be cheese sandwiches. However, it should be choose very carefully and not to skimp. Moreover, in no case do not buy processed cheese, because it is sometimes no better than the sausage.

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