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Headphones Apple AirPods declared unfit for repair

Наушники Apple AirPods признали непригодными для ремонтаAccess any of the components impossible without damage to the outer hull.

The specialists gave AirPods headphones the minimum possible rating is zero on a ten point scale of maintainability..

Experts known resource iFixit has studied the internal layout of the headset and the applied electronic components.

Inside AirPods was discovered printed circuit Board, voice coil, diaphragm, magnet, some sensors and a rechargeable battery. The capacity of the latter is only 93 mW/h, equivalent to about 1% of the battery capacity of the iPhone 7. Battery charging Boxing offers 1.52 In/HR and this is sufficient for eight recharges the headphones.

The main innovation is the presence of a tiny Board with a chip Apple-W1, wireless module for communication with the source of the sound, and the membrane of the time heads made of paper and specialty polymer instead of traditional plastic. This improvement, according to experts, makes the design more reliable.

iFixit draws attention to the problem of maintainability AirPods – on this indicator the new Apple earphones are definitely not a leader. Access any of the components impossible without damage to the outer hull, and the glue was the only external fastening to the earphone, and carrying case. The novelty has received a score of 0 points out of a possible 10.

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