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Headache in the heat: how to help himself

Головная боль в жару: как себе помочьSevere headache in the heat – a clear sign of dehydration.

The most common causes for summer headaches and how to resolve it. Be healthy.

Reason 1: stillness of the poses within a few hours. Will help any of the facial gymnastics, grimace, head tilts.

Reason 2: chronic eye strain. The solution – short breaks from the computer, reading documents and concentrated looking in one direction.

Reason 3: the lack of magnesium. It turns out that the lack of this trace element like magnesium can cause occasional headaches or even migraines. What to do? Eat a handful of dried fruit or a banana.

Reason 4: dehydration. This is perhaps the most common cause of summer headaches. Well, if you’re a fan of stronger coffee… one way out – drink the water!

Reason 5: the menu had a lot of protein. Yes, it happens. It is an avid lover of meat, in hot weather, often suffer from headaches. Go in the plant foods and headaches leave you soon.

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