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He promised to marry: American General lured the Ukrainian 50 thousand

Обещал жениться: американский генерал выманил у украинки 50 тысячFraudsters have developed a scheme.

A lonely Ukrainian woman from Poltava became a victim of the swindler, posing as General of the US army and promised to marry her. This man named John, Lord Michael Elena Vasilieva met on the Internet..

In love with “the widower,” wrote her letters in broken English, filled with compliments, promised to come, and then was stunned by the gift – seems to be sent jewels for 100 thousand dollars for Elena. He passed through the “diplomat” Fred Bauman, who is “detained” in customs and demanded a bribe of 2.5 thousand dollars. “American” asked to settle such minor issues, so the Ukrainian woman rushed to find the money. 50 thousand, she took a loan and has transferred, on the advice of the suitcase, at the expense of Elena Valeryevna, Satillo – alleged employee of customs.

When the woman realized that she had been deceived, she broke off the communication and took a job as a cashier and sold the house to repay the loan. “The depression was. In America wanted to be,” – says the victim. Elena Vasilieva wrote a statement to the police, but there are prospects finding cheaters do not yet see. A specialist in information security Vladimir Styran suggests that he worked for several professional speculators, and therefore to prove that any law enforcement will be very difficult.

Psychologist Vera Romanova also sure, that was hot, Elena experienced fraudsters because they are pressed on the sore. “Specifically found a lone woman,” she said. So all potential “brides” advises to check the information about your foreign happiness – in particular, to demand a conversation via video, and even better – a real meeting. And in any case not to accept any money.

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