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“He needed money and fame”: Otar Kushanashvili has criticized the hero of the show “the Bachelor”


The hero of the show “the Bachelor” Ilya Glinnikov after a bad breakup with a colleague on the series “Interns” Aglaia Tarasova decided to look for love on a TV show. The artist says that is serious, ready for a new relationship and even family. Until the end of the show left quite a bit, and soon we will know the name of the beloved Elijah.


Meanwhile, the odious journalist Otar Kushanashvili sharply expressed in the address Glinnikov. He accused the actor, as well as participants and producers of the project in commercialism. Otar not personally familiar with Ilya, but I am sure that the actor is insincere and pursuing a single goal — money.


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“Glinnikov I don’t know, but he needs exactly the same as girls, fame and money, money and fame. I can see how and when these magic words eyes lit up the sacred fire of the highest point. If the situation really is: Glinnikov rude, and ladies in horror, so producers have the occasion. They spit on the bachelor, and women, they also want fame and money, and more money is needed”, — quotes StarHit cusanelli.


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