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He discovered the millennial pilgrimage of the Neanderthals

 Обнаружено место тысячелетнего паломничества неандертальцевIsraeli archaeologists have discovered on the island of Jersey two caves with traces of Neanderthal sites.

Archaeologists found that Neanderthals for a long time have made systematic visits to the island of Jersey.

The journal Antiquity has published an article with the opinion of scientists.

During excavations on the territory of La côte-Saint-andré, in France, archaeologists have found that our ancient ancestors – Neanderthals, visited the particular Parking lot in the interglacial and glacial periods. In Jersey, discovered two caves with traces of Neanderthal sites. With the help of thermoluminescent method of Dating finds, scientists have established a time limit of Homo neanderthalensis on the island of Jersey – 250000 – 180000 years ago. The latest findings date back to 40 thousand years ago.

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Systematic visits to the Neanderthals of specific sites suggests that our ancient ancestors had the ability to navigate. At that time the island was connected to the mainland by a narrow isthmus. Also, archaeologists have found evidence of rituals held in caves. This is evidence of a rudimentary religious consciousness of Homo neanderthalensis. In relation to the discovery, scientists need to find answers to several questions.

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