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He could tell the smell on the health status

Что может рассказать обоняние о состоянии здоровьяProblems with the sense of smell can signal serious diseases.

The ability of a person to feel keenly the smells, or Vice versa, problems with the sense of smell can tell a lot of interesting facts about your health.

According to scientists, if you over a certain period of time feel that your sense of smell has deteriorated, it may be a signal that you have health problems.

So, scientists have concluded that people can feel “olfactory hallucinations” before they begin a migraine. This is indicated by a study conducted by the medical center for the diagnosis and treatment of headache, located in new York.

The scientists also noticed that sometimes suddenly a person can feel a strange smell, not knowing where he is: for example, the smell of fish when she’s not around. This can be a sign of stroke.

In addition, the researchers found that the inability to recognize odors increases the risk of death within 5 years.

Moreover, the inability to distinguish odors may signal the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease. Why? When the disease begins to kill brain cells, among them often there are those that are important for olfaction.

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