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Hayden panettiere told about a happy motherhood

Хайден Панеттьери рассказала о счастливом материнствеFamous American actress Hayden panettiere has frankly told about how to pass the decree.

Hayden panettiere spoke about the changes after the birth of her daughter.

Spouse Wladimir Klitschko has told the press about what was going through postpartum depression. Now Hayden panettiere talks about her new feelings associated with motherhood.

Two year old daughter panettiere became for her a kind of new impetus. Herself to Hayden devotes Kaya Evdokia. According to the actress and singer Hayden materinstvo is her new job, which every day preparing for her new surprises.

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I couldn’t describe any of my days as “typical”, “usual” or “normal”. When you’re a mom, every day brings a new discovery. Now the house is full, beyond the reach of the hands of Kaya, so my main job is to be a mom and to protect her life from danger – Hayden panettiere.

Hayden also remembered about how changed her motherhood. Previously, she had other priorities. Now, her only priority is family.

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My life was the pursuit of pleasure and learning about yourself through meeting new people. Life was filled with all-night parties, great music and daily trying to remember that my local address. Only during pregnancy I finally realized who my real friends are. They are the ones who made me feel so comfortable and supported during this period, Hayden panettiere.

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