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Hawking spoke about the birth of the Universe

Хокинг рассказал о рождении ВселеннойA physicist spoke about the events before the Big Bang.

British science popularizer and physicist Stephen Hawking responded to a question about what existed before the Big Bang and the Universe.

On your point of view Hawking said in an interview with my colleague Neil degrasse Tyson.

The answer to Hawking’s question “What was before the big Bang” is based on a theory known as the “unlimited offer”, or the Model of Hartl-Hawking, that famous physicists James hartle and Stephen Hawking have proposed several decades ago.

“The boundary condition of the Universe … is that it has no boundaries,” said Hawking.

To better understand this theory, Hawking proposes to “rewind” the development of the Universe. “As you move back in time, for you, the universe shrinks. Rewind far enough (about 13.8 billion years), and the whole universe will shrink to the size of a single atom,” said Hawking.

This subatomic ball known as a singularity (not to be confused with technological singularity in which artificial intelligence will catch up with people). Inside this extremely small, solid, dense speck of warmth and energy the laws of physics and time as we know them, cease to function.

“Events before the Big Bang are simply not defined, because it is impossible to measure what happened. Since events before the Big Bang have no observational consequences, you can cut them out of the theory and say that time began with the Big Bang,” said Hawking.

According to Hawking’s theories, this means that the universe literally did not exist before the Big Bang.

We will note, recently a group of scientists led by astronomer Arizona state University Judd Bowman, found traces of the very first stars in the Universe. These stars formed just after 180 million years after the appearance of the Universe.

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