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Hawking said, what will become extinct humanity

Хокинг рассказал, от чего вымрет человечествоAccording to eminent physicist, the main threat is inevitable and it is not possible to defend.

The reason for the destruction of mankind, the British physicist Stephen Hawking described in his recent book called “Short answers to big questions”, which was released this week.

In it he pointed out what in his life led NASA is constantly monitoring the apocalyptic asteroid in space. And they, according to Hawkins, the main threat to humanity and every other intelligent civilization in the universe.

In his last reflections physicist described scenarios in which life can no longer exist on Earth. In particular, among such scenarios he listed the consequences of nuclear war and irreversible climate change. But the main threat is hidden in the distant cosmos.

“The universe is a very cruel place. Stars swallow planets, supernovae proton stars spread deadly radiation throughout the cosmos. Black holes are colliding, and asteroids rushing with a speed of hundred miles per second. Ensured that all these phenomena do not make the space very attractive. But because of this, we have to master it instead of staying on the planet. An asteroid impact is something from which we have no protection,” explained the physicist.

“The last major clash happened 66 million years ago and caused the extinction of the dinosaurs. And it will happen again. This is not some science fiction but a fact confirmed by the laws of physics and probability,” – said Hawking.

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