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Hawaii hurricane “wiped” from the face of the Earth Isle

На Гавайях ураган "стер" с лица Земли островIn the coming years the situation will repeat.

Hawaii island East island (East) are completely gone under water due to hurricane “Balak”. It is reported by Sciencealert.

He was the second-largest island in the French-frigate-shoals, the largest Atoll of the northwestern Hawaiian Islands. The area of the island reached 4.5 hectares.

Total submergence of the land being confirmed is received from the satellite images.

According to scientists, the last island of the East surveyed in July 2018. Even then they knew that it was going to sink, but imagined that it will take several more decades.

It is noted that despite the fact that the island was rather small (its length was one kilometer and a width of 120 meters), it was important for local wildlife. It was inhabited Hawaiian monk seals and green turtles, which shortly before the hurricane moved to the other Islands of the Hawaiian archipelago.

At the moment, researchers are trying to understand what harm the disappearance of the island may cause to the animals.

“In the coming years we will see a similar story, and each of them will be very sad,” says environmentalist bill McKibben.

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