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Has become known where on Mars were a lot of clay

Стало известно, откуда на Марсе появилось много глиныA group of scientists from brown University, USA, to find out where Mars came from a huge amount of clay.

Relevant article published in the publication Nature.

The report stated that the clay deposits on the red planet formed as a result of a very long steam baths. Varieties of clay and phyllosilicates on Mars about a thousand. These minerals are formed by the interaction of volcanic rocks with water.

Scientists believe that the old planet of the milky way very long ago was completely covered with red-hot magma. Later, during a long period of time, it cooled, and the liquid turned into steam. This atmospheric gas completely enveloped the Red planet. Also the phenomenon was accompanied by strong pressure, and there were whole layers of clay.

Scientists at the moment it is not clear why the entire planet is not covered with phyllosilicates, and only a few areas.

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