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Harsh killer Mads Mikkelsen on the set of Polar

In Toronto is in full swing filming process of the Thriller, and we have a healthy bundle of pictures from there.

At first glance, nothing special. Mads Mikkelsen walks around a small town buys a Christmas present and photographed with the Asian kids. But it’s Mads. It is always a pleasure to gawk. Seriously, in my opinion, the coolest man permanently, in any role — be it the TV series “Hannibal”, the drama “the Hunt” or strange tragicomedy “Men and chicken”. In short, one of my favorite actors.

Actually, this is the main reason for my interest in the film “Polar”. Synopsis-it is not very original:

The main character, a highly experienced killer, retires due to problems with the employer, but soon he must once again take up arms. For him the real hunt begins: in his footsteps is a group of the young and the ruthless mercenaries who will stop at nothing on the way to their goal. Now, to survive, the hero must use all the deadly knowledge and skills acquired during the years of implementation of contracts. And to top it all the story involved a woman…

Sounds either like a regular fighter with Statemem, or as a clone of John Wick. But! There is Mads. A man needs to pull the movie. But if a good stiff action will be delivered — will be generally charming.

In the scenario laid almost eponymous graphic novel Noir. His adaptation was engaged in Jayson Rothwell (“Cursed”). In the Director’s chair — Jonas Åkerlund (“Lords of chaos”).

In addition Mads Mikkelsen (as if it were someone needed at all), the caste involved katheryn Winnick (“Vikings”), Vanessa Hudgens (“sucker punch”) and Matt Lucas (“Doctor Who”).

The release of the film to be held in 2019 on Netflix.

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