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Harper TL-PB777 – table lamp wirelessly

What unites the student, fan of Warhammer and the Amateur night reading? All of them need a good light source. The ubiquity of LEDs affected and table lamps, making them more economical and bright. However, a major inconvenience for me personally, remained the fact that table lamps continued to be “tied” to the socket. And then I came across a lamp from Harper’s, which not only fully Autonomous, but have a RGB nightlight, and are not more expensive 1000. Anyway, I got one and want to share their experiences.
I must say, Harper not sold one lamp, and the whole family, however the differences between them boil down to design decisions, and only one model has a more capacious battery. I also I bought a lamp Harper TL-PB777. It comes in a cardboard box along with a microUSB charging cable and user manual.

The lamp base is a flat round base with a diameter of 110 mm, most of which is made of translucent plastic, and in the center is the control ring. Behind – the microUSB and charging indicator. On the bottom are 4 rubber feet and switch the “on/off”. The latter can be useful if you took the lamp in the way that he accidentally himself was not involved.
From the base of the leaves, a thin stem with a diameter of about 10 mm and a length of 300 mm, ending with a ring, inside which is placed 16 LEDs. Leg is bent in any direction, so to direct the light beam can go anywhere. Light white, with a color temperature of 5500 K. the materials Used are high quality, and reliable Assembly – no cracks or burrs I found.
The control lamp is carried out by touching the center of the circle on the base: there are three gradations of brightness. Maximum luminous flux is enough for comfortable writing, reading or working with small objects. Smooth light, without flicker. Regardless of the main light, touch the special symbol on the circle, you can activate the night light: illuminated transparent part of the stand from the inside. And if you start to slide your finger along the color scale, respectively, will change the backlight color, and if you stay at the lowest point, the colors will gradually change.
As we know, LEDs consume very little power, so the lamp is at maximum brightness will drain the charge of your battery 1000 mAh for 6 hours, and in the nightlight mode may work for several days. Charging is approximately 1.5 hours from the adapter and 2.5 hours from the port of the computer. During the filling of the charge lamp or night light, you can safely use it. The resource itself LEDs – 30 000 hours.
Harper TL-PB777 – the gadget that I was looking for. It looks stylish and futuristic, fitting well into any modern interior. The flexible legs and independence from wires, will cover exactly the area you want. The amount of light enough for comfortable operation, autonomy is high and the light complements the nice functionality. With all this, the price pleases, and cons to find just was not possible.

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