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Harper HB-402 – a great combo headphones

The last time in a fashion more and more are wireless headphones. Indeed, the wires always getting in the way, tangled and clinging, and then you can connect simultaneously to two devices and no steam. And all would be well, if not a few “but”.

First, the battery in the headphones has a nasty feature be drained at the most inopportune moment: the forgotten a night to recharge – you can leave the headphones at home. In addition, the included Bluetooth module likes to “eat” the battery of the smartphone. Second, in most cases, the quality of sound transmitted over a wireless connection, worse than on the wire. If it is mp3, then the difference is not so great, but if it is a lossless format, the original composition and what is heard in the headphones – heaven and earth. Thirdly, some players, including expensive, simply not equipped with wireless modules. I’m not talking about “stuttering” most wireless “ears”: head turned the wrong way, and the music had ended.

As you can see, the one and the other design have their advantages and disadvantages. So what to choose: wire or Bluetooth? The company Harper, known in Russia for its wide range of affordable and quite high quality audio and found your answer to this question. Headphones Harper HB-402 can be connected as wires, and without them. Add to that a folding design, bright design and reasonable price, and the model accurately deserve a separate review.

Headphones are Packed in a traditional cardboard box company gray. It has a transparent window to be able to evaluate the appearance of future purchase and brief information on all the features of the headphones. Inside, in addition to the headphones, found two cables: USB for charging and the audio cable mini jack-mini jack, both with a length of 125 cm, bag-bag for carrying and manual in Russian. Headphones come in different colors: black, blue, orange and green, we for tests went yellow. It should be noted that a bright headphone will only be the first week of use, colored plastic collects dirt very well, and then to clean it up is almost impossible.

Headband has a width of 30 mm and a two-layer design: the outer part is plastic, inner is rubber. Each side has a sliding mechanism, strengthened metal and having 9 gradations. Below – a crucial hinge. Despite the fact that it’s plastic, a month of almost daily use it’s damaged. After the hinge are plastic blades. They are also double-layered: the outside is still the same bright plastic, decorated with inset metal and the words “Harper”, and the inner side is black plastic. The bottom plate on the left is the microUSB and microphone on the right mini jack. On the back of the left shoulder blade laid out the three control keys and led indicator, but will return to them below. On these blades at the center hinge, on which are mounted the ear cups. Again, outside is yellow plastic with a silver headband and soft ear cushions leatherette filled with foam. They have a rectangular closed shape, in size corresponding to the average ear. The center has a perforation.

The design of the headphones allows their use to people with small and big head. “Sit” they are very good: firmly attached to ears and does not fall off even when running, but pressure is distributed correctly, so ears do not get tired even after hours of continuous listening. Soundproofing average – while the music you’ll fully hear the world around, but if you turn it on, then enjoy the composition will not interfere even on the subway. Look on the head very stylish and fresh. When folded, the headphones take almost half less space and will fit easily even in the women’s bag. The Assembly excellent: do not loose and not loose.

As already mentioned, all management is done using three buttons, painted metal. With the help of them you can change the volume, switch tracks, turn the headset on and off, receive/end/reject a call, redial the last caller and to connect with the source of the sound. It should be noted that this works only when the headset is connected with Bluetooth, if you decide to use wire, you will have to manage from your smartphone. A very useful feature of the connection of the two sources. For example, you play on the tablet, and then you receive a call on the mobile. No need to disable, remove, pull out your phone headphones automatically switch to call, and you will only have to press the button to take the call, and when you have finished talking, the headphones again to switch back to the tablet. By the way, is on pause and the music when an incoming call, and when you stop, automatically starts again. Very convenient. Part of the action is accompanied by a VoiceOver in English. When the headphones on the head — it’s not terrible, but when you take them off, and want to turn it off, then everyone will know that “the Bluetooth connection broke”.

Built-in battery lasts about 8 hours of music playback, and charging takes approximately 2 hours. Communication distance is about 15 meters, which is more than most headphones), the connection quality is very good, microreserves regard does not arise. Technical features include standard frequency range 20 – 20000 Hz, sensitivity 96 dB, impedance 32 Ohm and speaker diameter 40 mm.

In fact, the headset for 2000 rubles is not particularly expect to hear good sound, but Harper HB-402 was able to surprise me. Here is a very bright, powerful and extended bass. The sound is clear and driving, the compositions do not roll down in a mess – you can distinguish individual instruments, suitable even for listening to classical and just about perfect for rock songs. The vocals are clean and legible. Perhaps only the high frequencies slightly below, but it almost does not spoil the impression of the music, and the headphone of this level sound is simply gorgeous.

The stock volume is good – I usually have enough 50-60%. If you use wires, when listening to mp3, the difference is almost imperceptible, but if you play flac, by wire hear significantly more details. During a call the voice is not distorted. The interlocutor is heard well, and due to the directional microphone, although it is located far from a mouth the interlocutor hears you. However, in the subway, he still will only hear the subway.

Harper HB-402 was very good. The headset looks great, fits well and sounds great. Not often all three aspects together in one gadget. Want – use all the advantages of a wireless connection, use wires, and better combine. Going on a trip? No problem – put and go, many place they will not take. And all this beauty is offered for 2000 rubles. The only drawback, which managed to find the material was not very practical – pretty quickly gets dirty and obluplyaetsya. Looking back on my years of testing experience, the best overhead headphones with wireless support for the money almost impossible to find.

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