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Harper HB-310 – neck sports stereo headset

Sport wireless headset is a real trend recently. The shelves are full of a variety of variations on this theme. Their original vision and offers the company Harper, known for its low-cost solutions with good sound. Today we will talk about the rim on the neck of Harper HB-310 price 2500 rubles.

Headphones are sold in a flat box painted in company’s traditional grey-green color. After studying the package from all sides to learn the basic features of the model. The headset itself rests on a plastic blister, and the package includes a charging cable, replaceable ear pads in different sizes and the manual.

Headset looks fresh and unusual. Two plastic shaped parts, which is all the electronics and the batteries are connected by flexible elastic girl rubber sheath. Unlike most other headphones, Harper HB-310 dress up in the head and neck. Dynamics on thin transactions, with a length of 25 cm, out of most of these plastic “drops”. Because the neck of most people short 25 cm connecting rim provided a special locking ring, removed the excess wire. The housing of the speakers is made of plastic, have a simple cylindrical shape and compact size, no different from wired “colleagues.”

All controls are concentrated on the plastic elements. On the left side of the housing on the inner side there is a lever that includes headphones and an led indicator light, just above the microUSB Jack covered by a rubber plug. Located on top of the key in the form of a telephone handset, allowing you to answer and end a call, drop the call or dial the last number. Outside – two ate a noticeable volume buttons and a microphone. On the right side inside there is a lever that includes a mode with enhanced bass, outside, rewind tracks, and the top button press the “Play/Pause”. In addition, the bottom “drops” are small holes with magnets where perfectly fit your speakers if you decided to give our ears a break.

The headset comes only in black color, which is not very combined with a sporty design, but will fit almost any clothes. According to the specs, Harper HB-310 there is no protection from water or sweat, but during testing, caught in the rain, your headphones are not damaged. The build is high quality, no squeaks and backlash is only at the levers. My sample also passed the crash test with a drop onto a hard surface, but to fall with him, for example, a Bicycle is not recommended.

When turned on, and synchronization issued the sound command. Most of the actions, including the incoming call accompanied by a fairly powerful vibration, so that important call you will not miss, even if the dynamics extracted from the ear. Working headphone frequency: 20 – 20000 Hz, impedance 16 Ohms. Radius confident communication with a smartphone is small – only four metres. Sometimes, especially with a small battery temporarily disconnects. There is a handy pairing with two devices. The battery of the gadget lasts for 6 hours of playback. If pairing with a smartphone is no more than three minutes, the headset turns off. Full charging takes 2 hours.

Soundproofing though not full, but very good – music is comfortable to listen even in the subway, although in this case you have to “Unscrew” the volume to 70-80%. Harper HB-310 well combined with different hats or helmets, but that’s life together with scarves, headphones is contraindicated. As during normal driving and during the run, the dynamics do not even think to leave the ear canal, and only if flips or somersaults the other is the chance that neck design will fly, pulling down and gag. Very good system of mounting the speakers in passive mode – when you walk away nothing to loose. During a conversation due to the noise isolation quality of the interlocutor
can hear quite well, but now that he heard you on the street, have
the microphone to shout.

It is time to talk about music. It is worth to mention that it is not necessary to wait from the headset is crystal clear sound, nevertheless it is primarily a sports headset, not audiophile. However, for your niche the sound here is very decent. Particularly impressive are the bass when activating the respective play mode. Let it be quite difficult to catch the sound of each instrument in the song, but the sound volume and dynamic – just a need for sports.

Harper HB-310 look interesting and fresh, not constrain movements and not fall out of the ear, but still sound good. They would have to add bright colors, full protection from water and improve the quality and distance of communication full of happiness. In General, Harper HB-310 is a good headset, however, in comparison with other products Harper, still a bit expensive (2,500 rubles).

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