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Harmless dispute has led the Aussie to a painful death

Безобидный спор привел австралийца к мучительной смерти The guy ate a slug and got infected with a brain worm.

Eight years ago, in 2010, Sam Ballard (Sam Ballard) were the most common young Australian. Cheerful guy loved to play Rugby and have fun with his peers Jimmy Galvina and other friends.

Late one night Sam, Jimmy and a few boys and girls sat in the house Jimmy and drank red wine. And suddenly someone noticed crawling on the wall of a large slug.

The guys began to joke and suddenly the conversation turned to the topic who will be able to eat this slug alive. Jimmy Galvin began to encourage Sam, will he be able to do it. And while others have exchanged pleasantries, Sam took a slug and swallowed it.

Безобидный спор привел австралийца к мучительной смерти

Some time later, when Sam had forgotten about this incident, he began to deteriorate health. there was weakness and pain in legs. Sam’s mother was already decided that the son inherited his father’s multiple sclerosis, but in the hospital the doctors said that it is not multiple sclerosis.

When Sam got worse, he broke down and told her mother that shortly before ailments ate a live slug. Mother dismissed this, saying that such don’t hurt. But then the doctors found in the body of Sam the worm of the nematode species Angiostrongylus cantonensis.

These parasites live in snails, the snails, shrimp or frogs, and the main carrier are rats. When the worm enters the human body, it can stay in the eye or other organs but often, it is detected in the brain, like Sam Ballard.

The worm causes a disease called angiostrongyliasis, in which inflammation of the meninges. Person start nausea, vomiting, headaches, muscle pain.

Most often this disease can be cured, but sometimes it takes a very bad shape and poor Sam was just at this percentage. When his condition worsened, he slipped into a coma and stayed there for more than a year – 420 days. And when I woke up, it was only a pitiful semblance of the man he was before.

Безобидный спор привел австралийца к мучительной смерти

Sam was almost completely paralyzed and could not even feed himself. He had to feed through a tube. For it required care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, his family insisted that Sam understands everything and that the disease has not affected his intelligence.

Безобидный спор привел австралийца к мучительной смерти

When Jimmy Galvin learned about what his friend had a terrible disease, and that it happened because of the slug, he came to the hospital to Sam and apologized for his behavior. But Sam was so nervous that he freaked out and he started kicking and screaming.

The disease was torturing Sam the whole 8 years and 2 November 2018, he died in a hospital room surrounded by parents and friends.

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