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Hares-“boxers” cheered the Network users

Зайцы-"боксеры" развеселили пользователей СетиTourists filmed a fight between two rabbits.

On one of the channels in YouTube there was video shot by casual witnesses a fist fight between two rabbits. That do not share a long-eared, jumped up on his hind legs and become each other blizzards front. Moreover, if you look closely, you can see how the pieces of wool fly away.

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Tourists traveling on the road, began to make funny fighting birds on camera, and those, as if nothing had happened, continued to fight. Then one of the birds still paid attention to the lights and jumped into the thicket, and his opponent did not lag behind.

This video instantly became popular in YouTube. By the way, rabbits are very often fight, just not always people manage to capture this effect on camera.

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