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“Hard brakcet” kill English science? The British Prime Minister, scientists disagreed

«Жесткий брексит» убьет английскую науку? Британский премьер, ученые разошлись во мнении

New British Prime Minister Boris Johnson won not so much due to its competent program exits from the EU, or by supporting the idea of “hard breccia”, but because the opponent was even worse. Offensive decisions and unjustified optimism of the head of the Cabinet of the United Kingdom have already begun to bear fruit.


In particular, this British double trump refuses to see the negative consequences of “hard breccia”. Because so many copies have been broken around the agreements with the European Union precisely in order to Britain as less as possible lost. Currently, the country receives an infusion into its economy, and science from the budget of the European community under educational and research programs.


So, the rectors ‘ Council of great Britain voiced concerns about training opportunities for British students at European universities and EU students at Albion. The winner of the Nobel prize in physics Andre Geim and said: “brakcet” will cause so much damage to British science, to rebuild the country have for many years. “Scientists are not idiots,” said the Game, saying that his colleagues have left the largest scientific centers and universities in the UK.


However, Boris Johnson, this argument does not touch. He remains a victim of its blissful belief that Britain will remain the leading scientific superpower even after breaking ties with the countries of the Eurozone.

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