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Hard accident in Kiev.

Жесткое ДТП в Киеве: есть погибшиеForeign car knocked down a woman pedestrian.

In Kiev in the night of Friday, August 25, on the road leading in the direction of Zhitomir, near the turn of the Seagull Daewoo Lanos knocked down a woman pedestrian.

The driver of the car who arrived in the capital from Odessa, said that driving to the outskirts of the city to the right. According to him, the visibility to the left, blocked the transport. And suddenly an unexpected blow to the windshield. Until he realized what was happening, the car traveled more than 70 meters.

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According to the preliminary version, the woman by sight 30-35 years trying to cross the road, however, ran only to the rightmost number. Documents of the deceased have not been.

It should be noted that the accident occurred in an unintended place to go. With approximately one hundred meters from the scene of the incident is overhead crossing. Are they the victim did not want to.

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The fact of the accident under investigation, which will determine the degree of fault of participants of this tragic accident.

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