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Harassment of journalists are paving the way towards a totalitarian state

Преследования журналистов прокладывают путь к тоталитарному государству

The main pillar of the authoritarian and totalitarian regimes is a lie, and the main threat to them — freedom of speech, exposing the lies.

It is the ability of people to openly Express their point of view, the main danger for leaders and regimes. So, of course, the most serious opponents to the dictators were and still are free media, free journalists, free people.

Over the past 20 years, Russia has eliminated almost all the free media, and free, that is, honest journalists are persecuted, intimidated, destroyed.


Pskov journalist Svetlana Prokopieva threaten six years in prison. That this case is far-fetched and fabricated, they know everything: investigators, prosecutors, judges, officials in the Kremlin. Everyone understands that Svetlana never justified terrorism: she tried to understand why so many very young people in Russia today is so strongly negative attitude to the authorities and who is to blame. But honest answers to these questions threaten the regime exactly the same as freedom of speech and denouncing the lies and corruption threaten Putin’s authoritarianism.

Svetlana Prokopyeva needs to be justified! The unwillingness of the authorities to understand the causes and consequences and analyze what is happening in the country, an attempt to take your fear by the prosecution of journalists for their professional activities are paving the way for Russia to hideous Stalinist totalitarian state.


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