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Happy New year, Lev!

С Новым годом, Лев Александрович!

There is good news. Lev Ponomarev have to let go just in time for the New year. Long live our court, the most humane, etc. But there is bad news. Punishment Ponomarev dispels a myth that the severity of this punishment is somehow dependent on age. At one time it was thought that the children will not touch. But youngsters, teenagers, and even just to touch the children began so famously that only come. And share-Seine catch and on the web every like track. However, the elderly certainly should not have been a nightmare. Young – they are active, they can grow up and kick in the ass. What to take with pensioners? Lev Ponomarev 77 years.

Of course, the culprit can be at any age. That’s just what he did a crime? No one was shot, not cut — do not beat anyone over the head with a chair, like some. His crime is different. He supported the campaign “For our and your children.” Supported not because he’s a criminal, but just because decent people. And no the state has no Council Ponomareva – it remains only to put the old man to 25 days. Not to write superfluous. There is a history of the “New grandeur” — created by provocateurs from the FSB in order to sew another case of extremism. There is a history of the organization “Network” where people naturally attempt. And it’s not a crime. It will give awards and promotions. As a protest against the torture and trumped-up cases – it is criminal. Ponomarev allegedly encouraged to come to the unauthorized action, and done this evil again!

And did you notice how cleverly we have been deprived of the right to freedom of Assembly and demonstrations?

We are unable to exercise this right – we have the right to agree! And we like nothing’s forbidden – we just don’t agree. But if we decide its right to implement, then punish us for it. And Ponomarev punished not only for protesting against torture and falsification of criminal cases, but also in the attempt to implement civil rights. Lev Ponomarev 77 years. And if you have reached a respectable age and think you’re safe – you’re wrong. To abuse power and hide behind the pension certificate and to go for the usual grumpy old man or the old lady will not work. That old, that small – sit any. But our warriors are only brave when you can boys, but the old people to catch on social networks, winning paper of the extremists.

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