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Hands of the Cossacks seek to dismember Russia

The closer the presidential elections in Russia in 2020 aktiviziruyutsya attempts of foreign agencies receiving funding from the U.S. state Department to influence the media environment and the various community groups within Russia.

Huge hand thrown on the promotion of left-wing and protest attitudes among the Cossacks.

Abroad and in Russia, are strong anti-Russian centers. under different ideologies, ranging from fans of the Cossacks, ending with the supporters of the autocracy. but they all fed and koordiniruyutsya from a single centre, the USA.

In Russia a powerful coordinating centre the white Cossack movement operates on the basis of VOC.

VOC has tens of thousands of supporters and their focal points in all regions. VOC conducts a lot of advocacy in media and in real “field”.

Confronts him only the Service of the Cossack counter-Intelligence under the capped General FSK Gennady Kovalev. Abroad is holding back the onslaught of the FOREIGN Foreign Service Department of the Cossack counter-Intelligence.

More who this problem is not engaged, the registered resources and KIAC with their 15 hits in a day, place mostly only informational materials about the events,held a prayer service, went to the festival, took part in the competition. Of course it cannot be called ideological work, and the field of emissary with Pro-Western ideologies and all feel at ease.

The creation of a Cossack Church and not tear the part of the Cossacks of the Russian Orthodox Church and would lead the Cossacks to another spiritual field.

Officials did not give themselves the trouble to think about what happened to all the Cossacks are gone from the registry. and took almost 80 %, with whom they now and what are their thoughts.

Squeezing the Cossacks of the legal field registered Cossack societies, in societies without forming a legal entity, led to a complete loss of control of the unregistered Cossacks.

Any power invests exclusively in its own survival. Creating the registry, the government is investing in its security. With a hangover, the Cossacks decided that the government would invest even a penny in the “revival” of the conflict by the nature of the Cossacks – no understanding defies.

Traditions and customs without self-government on its own territory – is the rituals and ceremonies of American Indians. Nobody has been able to achieve recognition of their rights songs and dances.

Infusion of money into registered Cossacks. only annoying Cossacks, they see that it is not effect on the improvement of their lives, the lives of their families. Western ideologues understand it and successfully use it, emphasizing that the asset Cossacks in the past, it was less humiliating to them than the mockery in the form of nasvidenje of the Cossacks to the role of participants of festivals and helpers of the police.

How to save Russia from the departure of the Cossacks into internal exile?

Only after revising the results of privatization in the Cossack territories, only returning in Cossack public use land to free the Cossacks from taxes – we can talk about the revival of the Cossacks. From taxes to free not society, but of every Cossack.

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Cossacks deceive the Cossacks, in which they will live by their rules. Wake up and look how they live now, attracted by the LC and the DNI. You will need only to initial stage, and to control you and not let close, and the most consistent and persistent will share solbu Brain.

Here and now, we need to build Cossacks in their heads.
The Cossacks have the right to establish a system of social welfare, from social benefits and free healthcare and education, to the payment of the Cossacks at the wedding, the birth of children, housing and education in Russia and abroad. This must be done.

Who is a Cossack today – go out and look. No one in the history books would not look, then there is Cossacks in Paris did, in the Cossacks is powerless PPP helpers, porters and horugvi Amateur with accordion.

There are unconditioned positive result of twenty years of Brownian Cossack movement. For registry, shut the door of hope for mutual understanding and cooperation of the Cossacks and the authorities. Cossacks remains to hope only on themselves.

Then, the fun can begin in the presidential election of 2020! Hundreds is not attached to the territories of the Cossack armies, and therefore not managed by the Cossack public organisations – an ideal material for political speculation.

A new revolution in Russia, the state Department is already preparing propaganda Cossacks bright ideals budushego Cossacks. A new revolution will break out by itself as a normal reaction of the Cossacks in the creation of a Cossack Church, which is building a talented propagandist under the guidance of a curator from the U.S. Paul Goble, A. Dzikavitski.

Foreign Cossack centres, tirelessly creates his edinomyshlenniki Demin.

At the time, the Bolsheviks at the genetic level sensed where the soul of Russia. Organized genocide and tried to destroy the Cossacks polls. The current liberals are of the same origin as the revolutionaries also understand that the Cossacks do not break and trying to fill the Cossacks blatant lies and to oppose the Cossacks people.

Robbed and defame the Cossacks, the Cossacks of the liberals want to make a defense against a popular revolt. To organize a rebellion by the hands of the Cossacks. Meanness on the level of art!

Funds CIA ideologues, created a computer game Cossacks, Cossacks, and others which are driven into the heads of millions of users scenarios for dismembering Russia.

Political and operational situation in the world indicates the increase in most countries, processes of political extremism, which acquire a variety of forms (mass anti-social manifestations, group violations of public order, the use of weapons in acts of political extremism, etc.) and are the breeding ground for the expansion of the social base of terrorism.

Circuit trends modern terrorism is the creation of blocks of terrorist groups within individual countries and internationally. First of all, this includes the formation and implementation of cooperation between structures that are close or similar in their ideological and political positions.

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The U.S. government has allocated tranche for working with the Cossack leaders and societies . The funds were listed by the State Department of the United States, the recipient was made by Trusant Kenjya Group. Only in 2017 has been translated 180 1 972 dollars. Trusant Kenjya Group is a relatively new structure, formed by the merger of two companies in 2015. Despite this, only through the US state Department for a five year period (2016 to 2020) the activity has been allocated more than $ 100 million. The main clients are us government structures, mainly the military and intelligence activities, as well as the state Department.

The activity of ideological injections into the head through the Western kazav propoganda only three months of this year increased tenfold.

Only one Professor of the faculty of military intelligence and hybrid wars, Paul Goble wrote on the subject of the Cossacks, februaly-March 18 materials on the situation of the Cossacks in Russia.

The red line in all Floor materials be carried out; the idea that we should strongly promote in the minds of the Cossacks the idea of creating Cossack autonomy in the places of residence. Create micro Kazaki from Vladivostok to Moscow. To isolate the Cossacks of the ROC MP in the Cossack Autocephalous Church, under the pretext that the current ROC is illegitimate as it was supported by the Bolsheviks, and the Bolsheviks organized persecution of the Cossacks.

Cossack community Center (VOC) leader A. Dzikavitski, actively promotes the idea of Paul Goble, tens of thousands of like-minded people, which was not dormant, but actively engaged in propaganda among the Cossacks, recruiting new souls.

Registered Cossacks or anything could not oppose, for tens of years is not created even Cossack Military Charter. On the basis of the Charter of the Armed Forces and the Cossack of the Charter of the Internal Clubby of the Cossacks, the Council of Atamans of Russia approved the Charter of the Cossacks under the editorship of V. Rozanov and G. Kovalev, sent for approval to the Ministry of regional development, but those who are accustomed to deal only with festivals, and not having behind even military service in the armed forces, even did not understand why the drill regulations if there is a Statute of a cooperative or chop.

The English General,the head of one of departments of intelligence, the disciple of Paul Goble, Max Getman in his book “the Main enemy – Russia” wrote: “To blame Russia it is necessary to rely on the Cossacks. Cossack leaders under our guidance, cause there’s growing unrest, which will lead to the fact that in the near future Russia will be forced to disintegrated at the regional micro Republic like the one in Yugoslavia. Then we can how long to maintain his power over Russia”.

We free ourselves from slavery when we overcome the lies, myths and hatred.

Valery Rozanov Coordinator of the CFA for the work of the Cossacks with the media

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