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Handmade toys recreate death scenes from movies of the 1980s! (PHOTO)

In 2010 the Chicago toy collector and a big fan of old-school movie Dan Polidori (Dan Polydoris) launched a personal website to tell the world about his passion. To date, this website has turned into a small online store which brings to its owner an income. But the most interesting is that sells Mr. Polidori, in fact, broken old toys!

Seriously. All of us in childhood were decapitated plastic soldiers, but only Dan had thought to make it a business.

Today, Death by Toys is a line of strange, absurd, toy figures, created from old toys. Dan, for example, could take the action figure with severed head and attach in its place the head of another toy. A bit of paint and it’s done a kind of work of art, unique and exists in one copy. And there are people willing to pay for such.

A new batch of toys from Dan represents death scenes from old movies. Figures are made of various parts of toys such series as GI Joe and Star Wars, all of them at the moment eight of them is:

  • Gordon Bennett from the movie “Commando”;
  • Hans Gruber of the blockbuster “die hard”;
  • Arjen Rudd from “Lethal weapon 2”;
  • Apollo creed in “rocky 4”;
  • Goose from “Top gang”;
  • one of the “Scanners”;
  • Hooch from the movie “Turner and Hooch”;
  • Jack (Kevin bacon) from the movie “Friday the 13th”.

And here’s how they look:

Cm. also: teenage mutant ninja Turtles – killer from the slasher (PHOTO)

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