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Hammer Films – from Paradise to Hell and back

So, the film Studio hammer (Hammer), which translates as “Hammer,” appeared in the UK and has produced movies since 1920-ies. However, the initial history of “Hammer Films” is absolutely no different from the mass of small companies, which have disappeared, leaving in the history of cinema the slightest trace. But the fate of the”Hammer Films” was different.

In 1957, the world of horror changed – an unknown company has released a film that made a splash. It was “Curse of Frankenstein” (The Curse of Frankenstein), released in may 1957. The work done by the team of the film, truly amazing. First, the film’s budget was small – 70 thousand pounds (of course, it is not the current lb, but at that time the budget was minimal). Secondly, there were serious problems with copyright. Although the original text of Mary Shelley is in the public domain, i.e. you do not draw violated copyright, but released by Universal Pictures in 1931 film “Frankenstein” (Frankenstein) had a copyright – thus, the appearance of the monster and generally the environment, as well as plot twists that have been added to the film, could not be used “Hammer Films” without them sued (and would have won the case). So the team created a brand new monster makeup (which was first shown in color). And in the end created a masterpiece, which is still the object of worship for fans of horror.

But the film made an even bigger revolution in horror, and created the basis of modern movies – the first act of the monster (murder etc.) were not obscured, and will appear on screen, and even in color! The times of blackouts, and cut scary music in the background of a black screen fading into oblivion. “Hammer” tried to create a new approach to the film, and they succeeded. The style of the film shocked critics, who mercilessly berated and otherwise “horrible” and “disgusting” is not called. But the audience reaction was just the opposite – fans of horror filled the cinemas and watched “the Curse of Frankenstein” many times.

After the craziness surrounding the “Frankenstein” subsided, the Studio went back to work, this time over another classic – “Dracula”, is now buying the rights from Universal. Same Director, same actors, and also partially the same scenery appeared in the second film, again thereby creating a precedent that will be up to the present day to be used by studios, producing low-budget movies. “Dracula” appeared in 1958, and was no less popular than “Frankenstein” and played the title role Christopher Lee has become one of the classic Dracul, and performed the same role in four movies hammerovsky.

All the sixties were dominated by “Hammer Films”. The movies brought a huge income, allowing the company to continue. At first widely used by the public actors, the star of hammer – Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee. Characteristic for the company was the revival of the “classic monsters” Dracula (the entire Studio hammer made 16 movies about vampires), Frankenstein, the Werewolf, the Mummy, Jekyll/Hyde. Was filmed a horror version of”Dogs Baskerville” with Lee in the role of Holmes. The first misfortune befell the Studio in 1964. This was a movie “Evil of Frankenstein” (The Evil of Frankenstein) – the third film of the Frankenstein series, which appeared again a Cushing. However, since it was not a sequel but rather a new beginning, many fans were sorely disappointed.

The next stage of the fall of the “Hammer Films” became 1970 – “Dorian gray”, based on the novel by Oscar Wilde, did not enjoy much success. Then the company decides to return to his “crown” series – Frankenstein and Dracula. However, “Scars of Dracula” and “Horror of Frankenstein” is just making it worse – both are considered the worst movies that came out in the Studio “Hammer Films”. The entire first half of the seventies were for the company with varying degrees of success – bad movies undermined the economic Foundation of the Studio. Eventually in 1975, the company declared bankruptcy. The firm bought a Skaggs Roy (Roy Skeggs), who promised to revive her, but he failed…

In 1997 came the news that rocked the world of horror – Charles Saatchi (Charles Saachi), advertising magnate, bought a Studio hammer and announced that he was going to enter the company into the 21st century as a global Empire, based not only on films but also theme Park, and restaurant chain a La Planet Hollywood. Many celebrities have agreed to cooperate with the Studio. However, unfortunately, this idea withered and failing to properly develop.

This is the story of one of the most significant horror film studios. All the sixties – it was the peak of the heyday when horror Studio hammer was almost equate, the second heyday of “classic monsters”, which began to wane in the early seventies and ended in complete collapse.

However, in our days, the hammer is back and the film “the Woman in black” (The Woman in Black) became in 2012 the first hit revived legends.

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