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Halloween terror returns (TRAILER)

In 2014, the screens out the horror film called “House, built in October”. His characters miraculously survived, but seem to be going to fix it. And psychopaths in clown suits them will be happy to help.

We will remind, in the first part of five dudes went in search of a thrill on the eve of all Saints Day:

Under layers of fake blood and humorous “scary” masks across the United States — countless intended for fun and entertainment “haunted house”. But some whisper talk about these “bad homes.” Five friends decided in that whatever was to find a to celebrate Halloween really…

Was naprosynonline the roof, by the way. Frostbitten gang of psychos called “Blue skeleton” gave the dudes a brutal hunt.

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Now, in our hands we got the trailer for the sequel, “Home, built in October 2”.

Synopsis in the same spirit:

Trying to recover after the events of last Halloween, which they celebrated together, the five friends decide that they need to re-face their fears face to face, just to move on. The characters once again begin a tour of the houses of fear, which opens its doors in October, so that everyone could, as it should, to be scared and laugh at it. However, those who were so afraid of your friends appear again. Begins a new terror.

And the guys not very smart, huh?

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Anyway, these films look pretty good, if you don’t have anything against the trembling camera. Both pictures is producing Steven Schneider (“the Blair Witch: a New Chapter”, “Paranormal activity 2”) that as a hint.

Bobby Rowe and Zack Andrews again wrote the script and starred in it. Bobby Rowe and even directing a film. Besides them, the main castes are brandy Schaefer, Jeff Larson , and Mickey Rowe, familiar to viewers of the first part.

The release of the film “Home, built in October 2” is scheduled for September 22. In what format and extent is not specified.

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