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Halloween short film from the Creator of “Axe”

Adam green, best known for series of comedic slasher “Axe”, a passion he loves to make short metre on Halloween, and in his new, the jubilee, the 20th short film heroes emerge from all previous Halloween shorts to say, Adam, damn it, enough to take the Halloween short film!

For “Oscar” garage all this mummery is not drawn, of course, sometimes guys are very much nagrani, but in General, yet funny, and sometimes really funny.

The film received the title of “Intervention” (The Intervention), and simultaneously the Director and main character of the story at first does not understand, about what kind of intervention going on… And yet there is a joke about racism, coming out of Bert and Ernie from “sesame Street” and many other things.

Especially cool that for such a trifle Adam green can call legendary genre actors like Kane Hodder and Sid Haig, which he does.

So it’s funny. And happy Halloween to you!

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