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Halloween edition of the Simpsons: images and plot details!

I love the Simpsons, but the Halloween series “the Simpsons” I love even more! Cartoon blood, dismemberment, the murder of your favorite characters — isn’t it great? In addition, these editions are full of many parodies and Easter eggs to classic horror, and this too pleases me as a fan of the genre.

So, this year, doors “treehouse of horror tree” (Treehouse of Horror) will open — just think! — 28-second time. I wonder what the voice acting of the series will be attended by William Friedkin, Creator of the legendary film “the exorcist” in 1973, and a couple of him will be Ben Daniels, British actor, star of the TV series “the exorcist”. The latter will play some “Irish priest”, while American Director voiced a character named Dr. Kenneth Humphreys.

In addition, the famous chef, writer and restaurateur Mario Batali will play the role of himself in this release.

The synopsis of the series:

Demons possess little Maggie, Lisa discovers a perfect, but a spooky version of his own family in an alternate universe, and Homer is cannibalism.

And Yes, I’m repeating myself, but… isn’t it beautiful?

28th Halloween edition of “the Simpsons” will be released on Sunday 22 October.

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