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Halloween costume Gwyneth Paltrow refers to her role in the Thriller “Seven”

For starters, do not be amiss to warn you: Careful, spoilers! If you suddenly, for some reason, still not looking exemplary maniac Thriller David Fincher’s “Seven” (Se7en), then not worth reading. Heck, even look less impossible. Seriously, don’t lower your eyes, not looked at the photo, because it can lead to irreparable consequences.

Continue with the rest. So “Seven” is justly considered one of the best films showing the confrontation between police and a serial killer. The role of a maniac brilliantly acted newsmaker these days – Kevin spacey, in the role of detectives brad pitt and Morgan Freeman. And pitt’s onscreen wife played by Gwyneth Paltrow. With her-and is one of the most powerful and shocking scenes in movie history.

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What’s in the box?!

The wilderness, the cunning John DOE, an unexpected courier and parcel with a terrible cargo. In the final picture brilliantly twisted killer’s plan works on all hundred. Detective mills (pitt), realizing that in the box is the head of his pregnant wife, does exactly what I wanted maniac. That was great.

The film was released over twenty years ago, but Paltrow, of course, his role is not forgotten. And decided to remind her of the public benefit and the reason a good one – Halloween is upon us! The actress posted the Instagram photo, which shows a fancy suit with the conditional name “Head in a box.” Dude next cosplay John DOE that just completes the picture. Whether on the ground of the couple of any other people, suits all the same would look cool, with fiction, with humor. But when in the box the SAME head – it’s all cool.

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What can I say, respect!

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