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HALLOWEEN 2018 – a report from the premiere + REVIEW

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In wide release in Russia, the new “Halloween” comes out a week later, on 18 October, but in the evening of 12 August, Friday, at the cinema KARO SKY FLEET of company Universal Pictures International Russia had a big premiere, which was lucky for us 🙂 to start To talk about the event, and then separately talk about the film.

Part 1. Report

One of the most anticipated premieres of the year, was furnished with taste and played to a full house. In the lobby played all well known and all the dearly beloved music of John carpenter, the guests were greeted by a charming and helpful employee of NBC Universal, which gave special invitation cards.

Immediately next to the blood-red carpet, located tables with drinks (wine, bloody Mary and just juices) and snacks – we’ve tried everything and I can say that it was very tasty. Of course, not without the traditional Halloween decorations.

The audience gathered as the selection horrora: a few people from the sister site Russo Rosso, a couple of journalists from a webzine DARKER, three representatives of the edition of memory, and even some guys in black leather jackets, old-school kind of gray-haired uncles, assorted bloggers and people from the world of cinema (in particular, visited the premiere and producer Vladislav Severtsev with family).

The “celebrant” sullenly looked at the fans with numerous posters, and wandered around the lobby and was sometimes even allowed to take a picture with him.

The show started at nine PM and was not less successful than the preparatory reception. The audience reacted very violently to what is happening in the film, events, private moments – for example, when the killer Michael found my old mask was met with applause in the right places, gasped and laughed. Given the fact that the hall was full of critics and reviewers, of course, not without loud comments, and sometimes quite stupid and useless, but sometimes what is really there, quite curious. However, in the most tense moments the men were silent – so chilled.

However about what they liked and did not like in the movie – and what, in fact, the new “Halloween” may pleasantly surprise the audience – talk in the second part of this material.

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