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Half of Moscow residents diagnosed with obesity

У половины жителей Москвы диагностировано ожирениеAt the same time, of all of Russia’s population are obese 25% of adults and 15% children.

Almost 60 percent of adult Muscovites and 55 percent of adult Muscovites suffer from obesity, said the Agency “Moscow” Director “of the Federal research center (FIC) food and biotechnology”, corresponding member of RAS Dmitriy Nikityuk.

According to the Nikitiuk, in General, obesity in Russia is observed in approximately 25 percent of adults and 15 percent of children. At the same time, said the chief of the clinic of healthy eating in FITZ of Zaynudinov Zainudin, about 45 percent of patients medical facilities last year amounted to Muscovites. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

“For 2016 in the clinic of medical nutrition asked 4568 . The majority of patients were treated with the problems of obesity and associated pathology. With the shortage of weight addressed about 200 people,” — said the doctor.

Zaynudinov noted that the number of overweight children has increased in recent years. According to him, this issue is associated not only with malnutrition, including the abuse of fast food, but with a fascination with gadgets, because of which children are moving less.

Director FITZ added that the Moscow centre “the Healthy and sports nutrition” based on the FTC plans to launch a consultation on Skype. “On average, our programs nutritional consultation is required once a month,” he said.

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