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Half-Life 2 launched on “super low” graphics settings

Half-Life 2 запустили на «супер-низких» настройках графикиThe game became more similar to Minecraft with characters and objects with a minimum number of polygons and textures.

At the time of the release of Half-Life 2 pleased gamers not only deep atmosphere and story line, and high quality graphics. After 12 years, the graphics quality of the game decided to reduce to the limit for fun.

The author of the video not just put all settings on low and turned off special effects. He got into the game files and began to experiment with the values of the download, which allowed him to reduce the number of polygons of the models and to literally turn off all visual effects.

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In the case of Half-Life 2, as stated by the author of the video, after work you can run the game on almost any computer. As a confirmation of his words, he started the game on the Intel Compute Stick is a tiny computer that can be connected to the monitor via HDMI port, turning it into a full-fledged PC.

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