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Hackers tricked an iris scanner eye in the Samsung Galaxy S8

Хакеры обхитрили сканер радужки глаза в Samsung Galaxy S8This way you can get access to the payment service Samsung Pay.

Hackers from the Chaos Computer Club took video of how they hacked biometric protection of Samsung Galaxy S8 (scanner iris of the eye) with the help of simple improvised.

In the video you can see that to break them had the normal camera, the printer, and contact lenses. One of the hackers Yang Krissler first, did the person with a digital camera, then printed the photo on a laser printer also Samsung, and at the end attached to the contact lens to simulate the curvature of the eyeball.

In just a few seconds the protection system of Samsung Galaxy S8 gave approval to the smartphone.

Representatives of the Chaos Computer Clubs also drew attention to the fact that way to get access to the payment service, Samsung Pay.

However, as previously asserted by the representatives of the company Samsung, the scanner of the iris is one of the safest systems of biometric identification since the iris cannot be copied as easily as a fingerprint.

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