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Hackers invented a new way to steal passwords

Хакеры придумали новый способ кражи паролейExperts told how to protect your gadget from breaking.

Researchers from Munich and Stuttgart universities have warned of the possibility of theft of digital or graphical code using the imager.

According to experts, with the help of special equipment the attackers can read the password on the heat marks left on the screen from the fingers of the owner. The brightness of a spot on the display allows you to define the order in which you typed numbers.

The researchers emphasize that the greatest health risk to users of Android smartphones, using a pattern, since such a code to solve the easiest. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

To steal your password is enough to remove the screen of the smartphone into the thermal imaging camera shortly after unlocking. During the experiments, experts have determined that the heat trace from the entered PIN-code is still readable within 15 seconds, while the spots of the pattern is discernible and in half a minute.

— A growing number of personal information, including photos, call logs, Bank accounts and emails stored on mobile devices, underscoring the need to protect them from various types of abuse, said the study authors, noting that the issue of reading sensitive data from the screens of smartphones today are not paid enough attention.

According to experts, in recent cameras is widespread in the mass market, including in the form of accessories for mobile devices, that facilitates their use by attackers.

To protect against this hacking method, researchers recommend that when you enter pin code to touch the screen in other areas or even attach the palm to heat the tracks were less distinct. In addition, it is possible to increase the brightness of your display to warm the smartphone breath or launch the application, demanding the device.

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