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Hackers have learned how to mine cryptocurrency using infected Word documents

Хакеры научились добывать криптовалюту через зараженные документы Word Special code you can insert into any electronic document.

Hackers that wish to get hold of the cryptocurrency at the expense of others, do not stop by any means trying to use any, even the most dubious loophole to access the capacities of other computers.

This time the attackers used a new trick by posting in the Microsoft Word documents cryptography script mine bitcoin using CPU of the infected computer.

The vulnerability was the ability to insert videos from any website without any filtering and preliminary validation.

After you paste the embed code on the video page in the document window appears with the video that you can view.

Simultaneously, using Internet Explorer run script allow mine cryptocurrency using the CPU of the computer running the video.

While CPU utilization reached 90 percent.

Due to the fact that the hidden process of mining cryptocurrency is continuing, while watching videos embedded in documents small rollers very profitable.

Only by means of video recordings, lasting a few hours, this way you can earning something, and short clips are not tangible income — reported the experts of the Israeli company Votiro, specializing in cyber security.

Despite the absence of major threats to computers in mining using Microsoft Word, you need to recognize that hidden mining cryptocurrency is becoming increasingly sophisticated and very common way of earning.

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