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Habits that will help make your life better

Привычки, которые помогут сделать вашу жизнь лучшеOrder white stripes in your life has been more, we recommend you heed our advice.

What habits will help to make life better? This is what we will discuss in this article. Scientists have isolated seven major skills that can bring tangible benefits.

Experts recommend:

1. Praise yourself for every good thing. I make it a rule to do it daily. Three days later, the mood will be smooth and positive, and to themselves will be treated with more sympathy and respect.

2. To compliment the home and family. Don’t be afraid to recommend, because we so lack the attention and kind words! Doctors say that emotional words, and even help to recover.

3. Thank God for a good day. This ritual was an act for our grandparents.
4. Waking up in the morning, smile. Excellent technique with a feeling of optimism. And any business that’s on the shoulder!

5. To think about pleasant things for food. This rule is especially true of those who are chewing at your Desk, staring at the computer screen. Harmful for food to take the time to think about work problems, is on the run.

6. To meditate. A very useful ritual! Allocate half an hour of time, close the door and draw the cute heart symbols (the sea, the mountains, favorite people).

7. In the morning before going to work to embrace home. So the native people will feel your warmth, love and care. A very important touch to the child – they form his basic trust to the world and people.

A list of useful habits are limitless, and you can refill it constantly, but that would skill became a habit, it is recommended to practice it at least 21 days.

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