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H1Z1 broke out of “Early access”

H1Z1 вырвалась из «Раннего доступа»The main novelty release — mode Auto Royale.

Cooked in H1Z1 Early access on Steam more than three years. In January 2015 the gunman landed on the shores of Early Access, and in 2016-m split into two games — “varivestis” H1Z1: Just Survive and H1Z1 battle Royal: King of the Kill. This metamorphosis is not over: the first eventually turned into Just Survive, and the second in H1Z1. Now the developers of Daybreak Games has decided that the shooter has had enough turmoil and can leave the “Early access”.

The main novelty release — mode Auto Royale. It on the battlefield face 30 teams of four, with each of the groups moves through the level on the machine. Group circling, destroy each other and collect weapons and power — UPS- repair kits, mines, and so on. At Auto Royale you can find two unique “cars” — fast and nimble sedan and an armored reconnaissance vehicles.

New fun is still not in place as it should and is at the stage of beta testing. However, the authors promise to follow the community feedback and, if necessary, to make the car a Royal battle changes.

With the release of the game added to not only Auto mode Royale supplements enough. Now, in the beginning of the match, you can choose the landing point and see where there are other players. Also, H1Z1 is back awards according to results of battles, such as victory in battle for singles, pairs or groups of five you will Crate container Victory. In addition, the creators have adjusted the parameters of some “guns”, improved the interface and improved graphics.

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