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Guriev called pension reform, the confiscation of money from the older generation

Гуриев назвал пенсионную реформу конфискацией денег у старшего поколения

Pension reform, first and foremost, raising the retirement age, in fact — not reform, and the confiscation of money from the older generation. Assessed the situation as the chief economist of the European Bank for reconstruction and development (EBRD) Sergei Guriev.

In an interview with “Vedomosti” he said that the state has the money, not to raise the retirement age for people retiring in the next 10-15 years. According to Guriev, the national welfare Fund in the next three years will accumulate about 2 trillion rubles a year, and now there is about 5% of GDP. You can also borrow money or reduce spending on defense and government officials, to carry out privatization, he added.

Guriev noted that conversations about the elderly who seek to continue their employment, run into the “deplorable” quality of Russian health care. According to him, approximately 50-years the health of Russians is comparable to what the residents of Western Europe, but after 50 is a sharp failure, and the Russians of the older generation do not work the same way as Europeans.

Therefore, he believes that raising the retirement age is not reform, and the confiscation of several hundred thousand rubles in the elderly. Guriev has calculated that the average pension of 14 thousand rubles per month in the prices of 2018, five years of unpaid pensions is 840 thousand rubles per person. That is, the state takes away people’s promised and it’s not fair.

He called for a “great conversation” of the state with society on the social contract. First of all we are talking about young people who still have time to save for retirement, but will young to trust the state, which has already frozen pension is in question.

In 2013 Guriev left Russia to France after searches led by the then Russian economic school. He was a witness in the “case experts”: the authors ordered the HRC examination of the second Yukos case was suspected of receiving money from former shareholders of the company, because I came to the conclusion that there was no reason for a second time Mikhail Khodorkovsky and Platon Lebedev. In 2015, law enforcement officers reported that claims to the authors of the examination is no more. However, Guriev, who by the time chief economist of the EBRD, come back to Russia does not plan to.

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