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“Gummi nails”: the almost forgotten trend from the 90s is back with us

In the 90s, long sharp nails, covered with bright acid colors, was an undeniable trend of the time. Then after the meager assortment of white, pink, Nude, gold and silver polishes the appearance of bright colors has caused an unprecedented boom. The fashion for so-called Jelly Nails gradually back (without the involvement of Kylie Jenner). We asked the experts in manicure, how is a new old trend.

When it comes to trends in manicure, Instagram is one of the best places to find inspiration. Worth Kylie Jenner to publish in his microblog the long pink translucent nail Polish — all immediately began talking about returning to fashion “jelly” nail Polish. Nail technologist supermarket Lakk & Roll Oksana Rachynska told how to create this manicure.

Jelly Nails do with the help of technology modeling on tips and forms with acrylic or gel. So to make Jelly Nails at home by yourself will be very difficult, better to turn to professionals.

When choosing shade, the expert advises to pay attention to pink, purple, menthol, lemon yellow and sky blue, red and lime are win-win options.

Well it will look like the design in the form of three-dimensional flowers, as long as they were drawn by hand, or a gradient Ombre. You can use the rhinestones near the cuticle (but not too much!). To live this manicure is from two to five weeks.

The expert-technologist OPI Inna Rykova believes that Jelly Nails — this is a momentary trend for creative clients who are tired of “boring” nadovich shades.

To elegance these nails are not related, rather it is a variant of hooliganism on vacation, or to young connoisseurs long, bright nails. This manicure is a transparent materials for modelling with the addition of color pigments or materials from the series “Stained glass” to achieve the effect of colored jelly.

— said the expert.

For inspiration, browse the hashtag #JellyNails in social networks. This manicure in neon pink, orange, yellow and blue shades — ideal for the summer. Even filters you don’t need, he already looks very juicy and bright!

Do you like Jelly Nails?

Yes, in the summer — the most it!No, this manicure is more relevant for parties and carnivals

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