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Guilty Pets that do not get long to be offended

They are an inexhaustible flow of positive.

It’s so beautiful when you come home from work, and you are met by a pet dog that missed you all day and waited for his master. But if you open the door and there looking at you to blame the face, then expect trouble. Probably in the room waiting for you torn Slippers torn or pillow. But you will not be able to fight, because the dog will make such a cute expression that will only have to forgive and clean up. Netizens shared photos of their guilty dogs, who by their look or beg forgiveness, or deny everything.

1. “This is Georgie had given me such a gift on his birthday! Look at that guilty face”

2. “VUT?!”

3. “Partners in crime”

4. “In my defense, the checkbook and the sponge was delicious”

5. “It knows what to blame. But blame has no strength”

6. “A plant? What plant? Why are you looking at me? I did something wrong? I just wanted to eat it!”

7. “Oh, I think I have a problem”

8. “I’m not rummaging in the flower bed”

9. “Mmmmm no, I haven’t seen your ice cream”

10. “I swear it wasn’t me”

11. “I don’t know who did it”

12. “It’s not me”

13. “Flamingo is not in the endangered species list?”

14. “Guilty!”

15. “I don’t know what happened. It just blew itself up”

16. “It was a very dangerous octopus. I barely survived!”

17. “No! It’s not exactly I was in the sandbox. Don’t understand. what are you talking about”

18. “Mom, I have no idea what happened”

19. “I’ll take care of our accounts”

20. “I swear,”

21. “I told my mom that I will no longer have plants, but could not resist”

22. “In the face of this is immediately clear that something is wrong”

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