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Guards Timothy is accused of assaulting a motorist in Moscow

Muscovite (name unknown) posted a post, in which he spoke about how he became the victim of an attack drivers of two “Gelandewagen”. Man looking for witnesses to the incident.


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“On the garden ring near theatre “Satire” before turning to the Brest street caught up with me two gelendwagen with the “thieves” numbers series M___Mr 77 (Previously, these rooms belonged to the interior Ministry and the FSB is now probably given to the owner along with the guards). The one that drove the second tried to cut me off, of course, I continued to move in my lane. They even tried several times to catch up and cut me off (unsuccessfully). Before the traffic lights over the Garden ring, one of the passengers gestured me to roll down the window and swore at me in response, I sent him to “erotic journey”, closed his window and drove on. At the end of the 1-St Brest streets (in front of the Belorussky railway station) has blocked me. From gelika came a bearded man in a black spetsuhu military-style guns (the police later told them that Kadyrov’s men). As you understand to communicate with them my desire was not what I said. Finally a couple of seconds near my car, one of them (probably the one who was directly sent) leg tore down my mirror and went to his car, and the second hand broke the glass, too, sat in the car and tried to leave. When I invited them to join me to wait for the police they have any desire to talk with me gone, they quickly jumped into the car and left”, — told the driver (Spelling and punctuation more. — Approx. ed.). The man also wrote a statement to the police.


According to the information portal, license plate “Gelandewagen” coincide with the car of rapper Timati. In a press-service of the artist claim that this case is just another attempt at self-promotion at the expense of the rapper.

“In the artist’s life literally several times a month occur the situation on the road when some driver tries to expose myself, to catch, to cut, to provoke a security response. We try not to react. This is not the first case where someone filed a police report, and is not the first attempt to capitalize on the name of a famous person. None of these people will not succeed no money, no pushing yourself. They will have in court to prove that it was not their imagination,” — said the press service of Timothy.

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