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GTA V will be flying Harry Potter

В GTA V появится летающий Гарри ПоттерFamous magicians in GTA V fly on brooms and do spells.

Harry Potter and Hermione Granger decided to leave Hogwarts and to visit Muggles in Los Santos.

In the Muggle world, Potter brought the magic wand, which uses the same principle as a firearm. Flying broom performs the functions of both ground and air transport.

It is worth noting that despite their magical abilities Potter can not boast of invulnerability. As ordinary men. It can throw off the broom and kill all the available maggam weapons.

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Potter and Granger appeared in a Los Santos thanks to Modder the nickname Z@gor. The author of the modifications borrowed models of Harry and Hermione that came out a little early. The functionality of the broom also was developed a few months ago. All that remained will modero — to put it all together and add in the mod a magic wand for full compliance of the popular series.

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From the pen of modders in Grand Theft Auto V before there were superheroes. So the game has already appeared Iron man, Hulk, and Ghost rider, Superman and many other superheroes. And apparently, the modders are not going to stop there.

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