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GTA V added a broken machine for a million dollars

В GTA V добавила сломанную машину за миллион долларовThe car was virtually uncontrollable.

With the release of the last update to GTA V has a new car, worth almost $ 1 million. Soon learned the players, the car was virtually uncontrollable.

Given the high cost of 915 thousand game dollars, gamers began to seek an explanation for unexpected behavior of the vehicle on the roads. It soon became clear that the right rear tire acts like it struck. And fix it there is no way.

The only way that players found to break the left rear wheel, to somehow restore balance. However, this method, as you might guess, far from perfect.

On the official forum, players warn each other about malfunction. Classics, not recommending to buy it until then, until developers release patch. Some players who had the temerity to buy a car since his appearance, he told that he sold the car in just 5-10 minutes after purchase. But there are those who do not mind the fault of the car. Some even buy multiple cars, exposing them to the demonstration on their screenshots.

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