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GTA Online thanksgiving

GTA Online отмечает День благодаренияRockstar Games celebrates the feast of the new regime, the new transport, bonus.

Rockstar Games once again happy thanksgiving to users of Grand Theft Auto V, noting this holiday to the new regime, the new transport, bonuses and other free content for GTA Online.

The essence of the newly created mode called “Quota for the killing” is as follows: each team starts the game with a powerful weapon belonging to one of the four sets. It is necessary to destroy a certain number of enemies to move on to the next, less powerful type of weapon. Final round — melee, where the murder of missing a single stroke. Defeat those who first used all six weapons in battle (or killed more enemies in the allotted time).

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In the mode, for the victory which until 28 November (inclusive) rely twice the amount of GTA $ and reputation points, you can participate up to 16 people, divided into 2 – 4 teams.

Before the game the host will choose one of four sets of weapons to use in battle:

Set 1: RPG > . > special carbine > heavy revolver > shotgun-the shotgun > machete;

Set 2: railgun > heavy machine gun > gun > heavy sniper rifle > pump action shotgun > fist;

Set 3: automatic shotgun > rifle shortened to PP > cropped grenade launcher > shotgun > cue;

Set of 4: RPG > railgun > heavy shotgun > advanced rifle > armor-piercing pistol > knife.

In addition, the creators of GTA Online added to game car Bravado Youga Classic, which can be purchased in the salons of the Southern San Andreas Super Autos, and organized exclusively for premium motorcycle race “flying high” (available from 22 to 28 November) with a triple award-winning in RP for participation and a solid amount of GTA $ for the win in the top three.

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Finally, on the occasion, Rockstar promises a double reward in the mode of “Every bullet counts”, “Running” and “inch by Inch” (in thanksgiving — 24 November), plus a 25% discount on Buckingham SuperVolito, wheels, turbo, painting, repainting, engine modifications, clothing add-ons “Bikers” (with the exception of the costumes of the “Deadline”) and tattoos, short rifle, a carbine and an assault rifle (until 28 November).

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