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GTA Online got a big update

GTA Online обзавелась большим обновлениемThe latest GTA Online update has become a great theft of luxury cars.

Another month — another big update for Grand Theft Auto Online! The company Rockstar Games will allow you to do what is in the title of the entire series — a large-scale car theft.

In addition, “Import/export” developers develop the idea of “the New adventures of bandits and swindlers”: the Los Santos can now sell the “missing” an excellent machine.

“Loss”, of course, have yet to organize. Jobs can be very simple (stealing a parked Turismo R, for example), and more difficult to quietly get the keys to the car at the party or grab a police helicopter to his camera to hunt down his next victim.

Versions theft a great many, but you have to be careful — customers don’t like broken cars. The jobs allowed to use a limo with a turret, tactical ability with the bribery of the authorities and hidden or bold the gripper cargo helicopter.

In offices there is a huge garage with 60 seats that can score in different vehicles, and next to build a garage. In the “Import/export” added eight new types of special cars and two supercars and custom Principe Diabolus and Annis Elegy Retro.

If you are indifferent to the hijackings, the update adds another mode of confrontation “Gang violence” — from two to four teams fighting for control of the plates on high-speed machines. To capture the set and paint it in your color, you need to go. But as rivals from doing the same, and the field scattered weapons, the passions are guaranteed!

In addition, the “Import/export” there are more opportunities for character customization and new stunt objects in Director mode. Until 19 December the discount for bulletproof tires, armor for vehicles, body armor and all kinds of ammunition.

Finally, the developers have launched a competition for the best video in the “Rockstar Editor” filmed with the participation of new special transport. Genre — any duration — from two to five minutes, the presence of at least one of the special cars from “Import/export” — required, third-party applications and modification is prohibited. Only tools “Rockstar Editor”!

Upload your masterpieces to Rockstar’s Social Club with the hashtag #Warstock until 10 January 2017. The winner will get the Cup “Rockstar Editor”, a special Director’s chair (that was where to land your talented ass, as expressed by the authors), jacket with the logo of GTA V and exclusive patch.

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