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Group of death in Kiev: new shocking details

Группы смерти в Киеве: новые шокирующие подробностиAdults are asked to be mindful of children, to spend more time with them, to be interested, with whom they communicate.

In the capital — another resonance due to the so-called “groups of death”. Police revealed two of the capital’s students, who were curators of suicidal communities in social networks. The suspects were released.

CAUGHT AND RELEASED. The people of Kiev for several weeks, discuss cruel community of social networks, in which schoolchildren are pushing to complete dangerous tasks and commit suicide (“Blue whale”, “Pacific house”, “Pink fairies”, “Run or die”, etc.). Several attempts to end my life the police have managed to stop. And last Friday, has exposed the two administrators “group of death” — students of the capital medical University. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

The fact of detention of young people we have confirmed in the Department of cyber police, but the law enforcement authorities have not yet disclosed. “Had they searched, seized equipment. There is evidence, confirming that they were curators of such groups. However, the suspects claimed that before the fatal final one is not an argument, but only wanted to try if they can psychologically influence over the Internet to people or not,” — says “Today” head of the Department Sergey Demediuk. By the way, spoke about the detention and MP Victoria syumar, whose daughter, as it turned out, also got the job of “groups of death”. “The story of the “blue whale” seems strange, if you have no adolescents. And when your 14-year-old daughter says polklassa “in the game”, and that it only admin that sent the job to take a razor blade and cut 4.20, it’s not funny. Went to the police. The news that the admins found and detained Natspolitsiya — not too noticeable. But this is a story where due to the police actually manages to save a life” — she wrote on his page on “Facebook”.

However, the curators exposed the militiamen were released. As they say in Kiev to attract them to criminal responsibility, need the testimony of the parents of affected children. But many refuse to give any evidence — are afraid of publicity, don’t want the act of the child learned. In addition, a lot of players in these groups was not from the Ukraine.

Группы смерти в Киеве: новые шокирующие подробности

PREVENTION. About the dangers of “groups of death” in the capital’s schools parents and students alert, teachers and psychologists, and law enforcement even spend propranolo on the streets. For example, in the Kiev region the police handed out to drivers and pedestrians information leaflets on the prevention of suicides among children.

Adults are asked to be mindful of children, to spend more time with them, to be interested, with whom they communicate. Unfortunately, in recent times, teenagers often make rash and terrible things. And this is not always happening at the behest of outsiders.

So, at the end of last week in the village Kozarovichi near Kiev, a 15-year-old boy after a quarrel with his mother left the house, threatening to hang himself. “Child all the time spent at the computer and skipping school. Fortunately, he managed to find and return home”, — told in GU NP in Kiev region. And in Borispol a few days ago, 12-year-old student jumped from the 7th floor because of the ban to play on a laptop. In the capital, 14-year-old girl after a quarrel with his mother ran away from home and hitchhike to Kharkov. Another 13-year-old fugitive sought in Lviv already.

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