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Group GRU of the Russian Federation are preparing acts of sabotage in the Donbass

Группы спецназа ГРУ РФ готовят диверсии на ДонбассеRussian Grushnikov can “hunt” for the commanders of the ATO.

In several parts of the front line marked the emergence of units of 20-25 people, made up of special forces of the Main intelligence Directorate of the General staff of the armed forces of the Russian Federation. These units are divided into sabotage and reconnaissance groups of five or six people, writes a summary of resource Information resistance.

“Well equipped, disciplined, advanced “work” visits, all move – in the situation of maximum possible secrecy (hiding faces, no insignia, call each other exclusively callsigns and numbers). In the area of performance tasks on the front arrive with their own vehicles, with “local” command and militants communicate only on business, have a particular interest in the ways of infiltration in the next tactical rear of the Ukrainian troops. Very carefully and discreetly studying the cutting edge in a number of sectors, used for reconnaissance of a wide Arsenal of technical means – a portable radar and signals intelligence funds”, – stated in the message.

On a number of grounds, according to the informants of groups of IP, these DRGs are preparing a number of high profile sabotage against APU at the forefront and in the tactical rear.

Judging by the popular commanders of these DRG information, attention saboteurs will use the checkpoints and control points Ukrainian troops, ammunition depots and fuel, base camp, Parking of military equipment. It is also possible to “hunt” for certain chiefs of the forces ATO.

Near the village of the Luhansk there is a new enemy unit in the second tier number to the company, partly with armor. Marked at least two BMP-1 and one BMP-2 and BRM-1K, two tractor MT-LB, and six trucks. Moved the unit to the North Stukalova beams for the Beam and pryvitne.

The past two weeks, occupiers have significantly increased electronic intelligence. According to the agents IP, this is due to the lack of information from sources on government-controlled territories as a result of their significant reduction.

Terrorists of DNR in the near future, awaiting the arrival of the new unit of “Cossacks”, the formation of which is carried out in the Rostov region. Since the beginning of the year in the Donbass arrived one unit of Russian Cossacks.

In the area Dokuchaevsk seen equipment locomotive militants citizens with up to 50 people in black uniform unmarked and with no weapons, which is guarded by armed men in camouflage. According to preliminary data, workers – convicts or prisoners.

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