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Groundwater one can predict the future – scientists

По подземным водам можно предсказывать будущее,- ученыеDeveloped a unique methodology

Experts from Michigan state University said that the flow of groundwater can predict what the current and future state of the ecosystem, if used as unique method.

The watershed also previously did time-consuming fence, but he, according to experts, are clear and comprehensive picture of what is happening with nature. Methods specialists from Michigan state University is better because the tests are taken from different places at different times and in different weather.

This is very useful because the watersheds are located on a very large area, and in one area of the conditions can be good, and the second – critical. The technique will allow a lot to explore in terms of gaining knowledge about the planet and humanity.

In particular, they understand how harmful pesticides for soil used in agriculture. It is very important to control what substances and bacteria in streams is groundwater that will do the new method.

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