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Groisman allows for the recovery of Tax police

Гройсман допускает восстановление работы Налоговой милицииIn this case, Groisman supported the establishment of the financial investigation Service.

Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman allows for temporary restoration of work of Tax police.

He reported about it during meeting of the Verkhovna Rada.

“Our mission is to create tools to protect the business. These controllers (tax) has turned into racketeers, and we have to give the answer here in Parliament. I would like to get together next week and gave the answer: if the resumption of (work of tax police), then what are the terms of renewal. It can’t just be an endless system pressure on the business. Our goal is to make the system transparent and efficient,” he said.

This Groisman said that he supports the creation of the financial investigation Service.

“What happened, happened. We need to fix it. We can restore the Tax police and leave as it was before. But you can make a more progressive step and create the service firesleeve that will provide high quality service”, – he added.

Recall that at the end of 2016 is Pleased has announced the Tax police outside the law from 1 January 2017.

In this regard, the Ministry of Finance has prepared a bill on the establishment of the Financial police.

In response, the VR Committee on taxation and customs policy initiated to resolve the technical inaccuracies of the work of the Tax police, having registered a bill №0940.

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